Clinical Microbiology VersaTREK™ REDOX™ Media

VersaTREK™ REDOX™ Media

VersaTREK™ REDOX™ Media


         Just two bottles are all you need to recover organisms from all patient scenarios, reducing inventory and costs, with Thermo Scientific™ VersaTREK™ REDOX™ Media. There's no need for costly specialty media, as REDOX 1 aerobic media and REDOX 2 anaerobic media use dilution and timing to detect microbes and are the only media FDA-cleared for draws as low as 0.1mL, perfect for pediatric patients. Plus, the highly-enriched REDOX media supports a wide range of organisms, enhancing the VersaTREK System's ability to better recover fastidious organisms.


Meet the demands of both high and low volume laboratories with the Thermo Scientific VersaTREK System, which comes with a full line of ancillary and accessory products. With four FDA-cleared tests and a simple, two-bottle media system, the VersaTREK System provides maximum value with faster results and fewer limitations.

  • Largest blood-to-broth dilution ratio in the industry (1:9) to dilute out the effects of antimicrobials, serum host factors and other agents
  • Enhanced, enriched media to support the wide range of organisms found in the microbiology laboratory
  • Available in 40 and 80mL sizes and suitable for all patient populations
  • Only system capable of detecting any gas produced or consumed by organisms, allowing detection of a wider range of both common and fastidious organisms
  • Simplified workflow includes easy scan function for bottle entry, intuitive icons to reduce training time, and no daily QC requirement for maximum efficienc

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