Food Microbiology Testing Microbact™ Listeria 12L Kit

Microbact™ Listeria 12L Kit

Microbact™ Listeria 12L Kit

Simplify the identification of Listeria spp., including Listeria monocytogenes


the principal causative agent of human listeriosis, with the Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Microbact™ Listeria 12L Kit—a complete, self-contained biochemical-based identification system. Each strip incorporates 12 analytes, 11 carbohydrate utilization tests and one rapid microhaemolysis test, and allows for fast, reliable and easy-to-read results.


Listeria spp. are widespread in the environment and have been isolated from many different foods and animals. In severe cases, it can cause septicemia, meningitis, encephalitis and, in pregnant women, intrauterine infections that may lead to spontaneous abortion or stillbirth. With this kit, Listeria spp. are quickly and accurately identified so that proper, fast treatment for the patient may follow.


  • Fast: Accurate identifications in as little as four hours
  • Simple: No prior subculturing on blood agar, no CAMP test and no developing reagents required
  • Easy-to-Read and Interpret: Distinct color changes and settling pattern are read visually and interpreted easily using the Microbact Identification Package (MB1244A)
  • Comprehensive: Allows the definitive identification of all Listeria spp., including L. monocytogenes and L. innocua.
  • Flexible: Ideal for use with chromogenic or selective media, in clinical or food laboratory settings
  • Reliable: Substrates include all those recommended in recognized international standard methods, including FDA BAM and ISO

Additional items required: Microbact Software Program (MB1244A), Haemolysin Reagent (MB1249A).

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