Clinical Microbiology Biochemical Identification

Biochemical Identification

Biochemical Identification

Choose the right tool for your biochemical identification needs

From enterococci to staphylococci, biochemical tests provide simple and rapid identification of even the most unusual organisms. Explore our range of biochemical identification test products and choose the right tool for your microorganism identification needs from accurate, simple and convenient biochemical spot tests, stains, and ID panels with supporting software.

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Biochemical ID Panels

Visibly faster biochemical ID with easy read panels

Get faster bacterial identification with ready prepared biochemical test panels. Perform multiple tests simultaneously for confidence in results. Visible color reactions and comparison to reactivity patterns stored in an extensive database aid interpretation and reduce subjectivity.

Latex Agglutination Testing

Detect antigens and antibodies with traditional latex

Find your identification and confirmation solution from one of the largest portfolios of latex agglutination products in the world. With a wide range of organisms and organism types, you can find solutions that test from human and food samples, blood culture, and colonies isolated on plated culture media.